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College Physicals

A college physical: what is it?

College physicals and annual wellness physicals are not the same. These special-purpose exams are meant to confirm that you are well enough to participate in specific activities, not to offer a thorough assessment of your overall health. An administration or college physical examination is not intended to take the place of an annual wellness assessment.

Common questions:

What makes a college physical required?

Some colleges and universities require their students to complete a physical exam before they may start classes. Uponehealth providers are available to assist students in completing the papers needed for their registration.

What happens during a physical examination at a college?
Apart from performing a physical assessment, your physician will review your past medical history and immunization records.
What should I pack for my physical at college?

Bring all required documentation, including a complete medical history and immunization record. Your doctor can verify immunizations administered at Uponehealth

or, with the proper documentation, immunizations administered by another healthcare provider.

We remind guardians and parents to fill out the parent sections of all necessary forms before the appointment. This expedites the process of the physical examination. Please gather the following medical records to bring to the examination:

  • Every record in accordance with the specifications of the relevant organization
  • History and documentation of immunizations
  • Name and contact details of the primary care physician
  • pertinent medical and health history, including current medications, any allergies, and any illnesses that are currently present  While specific requirements vary, the physical exam session will provide you with an opportunity to discuss important healthcare matters with your Uponehealth provider. They can help you to be informed about your health