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Trigger Point Injections

Injections of trigger points

Injections into trigger points release tense areas of muscle that expand and spasm, producing pain.

A trigger point is a tense knot in the muscle caused by an injury or tension. A trigger point can cause pain to radiate to other bodily areas. A trigger point injection is a minimally invasive technique wherein medicine is injected into the trigger point to alleviate the generating muscular spasm and inflammation.

Injections of corticosteroids

There is an anesthetic used in trigger point injections. They might also take an anti-inflammatory drug called a corticosteroid, also known as cortisone. One of the various varieties of corticosteroid injections used to treat pain is the trigger point injection. Others consist of:

Ailments that trigger point injections address

Anticipations for a trigger point injection

During the procedure:
  1. Depending on where the injection is being administered, you may lie on your stomach or sit on the examination table.
  2. Your pain management specialist uses manual palpation, or feeling with the hands, to find the trigger point.
  3. There is marking at the precise injection site.
  4. The injection location is sterilised for your skin.
  5. To make the injection site numb, a local anesthetic is given to you.
  6. The trigger site is injected with the medicine.

Executing the trigger point injection process

Your care team will monitor you while you are relocated to a recovery room. Trigger point injections are typically done as an outpatient procedure, meaning that you will return home the same day; but, in extremely rare circumstances, some patients might need to stay overnight after the procedure.